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Just in time to send to all your friends and family so they can plan their summer fun. Here is a map of the campground, so you can show everybody where your spot is and let them know how close they can be to you, the lake and the fun at ShadyPoint Campground!

Click the text link here, ShadyPointCampgroundMap.pdf, or the map.

The Early RV Planner, Gets the RV Site!

Just like anything these days, a little planning goes a long way. You have the weekends, you have the RV. Now it’s time to find that perfect spot. If you think you found “The Spot”, then remember these tips for a relaxing summer.

  1. Call the campground as soon as possible and find out how far in advance you can reserve a campsite, and then book that campsite.

  2. Holiday weekends such as Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day are popular times for getting out and hitting the campgrounds, so plan accordingly.

  3. Try to arrive on a weekday, it will make that precious weekend less hectic and your campground neighbors will appreciate it too.

  4. If your favorite campground is booked, check back for openings daily or suggest a call back if an opening arrives. A cancellation may be your ticket to get that spot on short notice.

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