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Frequent Answers to Questions   

What are restricted view sites?

Restricted view, are sites not on the lakefront but have views to the lake from a terraced level and through some trees.

Can I break up my seasonal costs, or do I need to pay up front?  Seasonal can be paid in installments that can be arranged but the full amount needs to be paid in full a month before the season ends.

Are there extra fees for storing docks/piers, trailers or decks?

The docks are all property of SPC, so your just renting a slip for the season and no storage fees apply. There is also no over-winter storage fee if your keeping your seasonal trailer spot. No charges for your plan-approved site decks.

How big can we make our decks on our trailer site? Deck plans must be pre-approved and the sizes are based on what’s reasonable per your trailer and the lot size, typically 8’ wide by trailer length.

  1. 1.Quiet hours are from 11 PM to 8 AM.

  2. 2.No aggressive pets and pets must be confined on owner's campsite or on a leash at all times.

  3. 3.You are responsible for you own pet's waste.

  4. 4.No cruising the park on motorbikes and NO golf carts are to be driven by non-licensed drivers. Golf cart owners need to register in the office with their signature stating they have personal liability coverage.

  5. 5.Firearms, illegal drugs, and fireworks are prohibited.

  6. 6.Swim at your own risk - NO lifeguard is provided.  Parents are responsible for their own children.

  7. 7.No "horseplay" on rafts or piers (Please stay off the piers of other campers).

  8. 8.No fishing, boating, or dogs in the swimming beaches. Fishing piers are located at the west end of the West Beach.

  9. 9.All fish cleaning must be done in the fish cleaning house.

  10. 10.Bathrooms are not PLAY AREAS and small children need to be accompanied.

  11. 11.Wrap or bag all trash and place in dumpster in the parking lot.

  12. 12.Supervised campfires are permitted - prefer raised commercial pots. Fire pots and rings are to be free of trash and trash is not to be burned.  Campfires must not exceed two feet above the fire ring.

  13. 13.One car parking per site. Please ask where to put extras.

  14. 14.Management is not responsible for camper's RV or personal property.

  15. 15.No jet ski's are allowed.

  16. 16.Campers are responsible for GUEST fees. ($3.00 daily pass, per person, guests leave by 11 PM;  $5.00 per person for overnight, leave by 11 AM)

  17. 17.All visitors much check in at office.

  18. 18.Do not tie anything to trees or picnic tables.

  19. 19.Outside firewood is prohibited from being brought into campground.  Forestry officials now understand this practice contributes to the spread of invasive pests.

  20. 20.Check in time is 4:00 and check out time is 2:00.

  21. 21.All golf carts must be registered at the office. 

  22. 22.All camping rates are based on 4 people (2 adults and 2 children under age 18).

  23. 23.One sleeping unit (trailer, tent, van or SUV used for sleeping) per site. 

  24. 24.Max two camping car passes per site.  Extra passes are available for $5.00.

  25. 25.Refund or cancellation policy – 1 week notice/2 week notice for Holiday weekends.
    There will be a $5 handling fee charged.

  26. 26.Deposits - $35 to hold site.  Can be paid by mail or credit card.  Additional charge for debit or credit card payments.

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